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  • Estee Lauder

    Estee Lauder is globally known for its wide range of exclusive makeup series. Recent studies confirm that this brand, Estee Lauder was found to be the most searched and favorite skincare brand across the nations of the United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates. Their most famous and in-demand product is its advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex 2. Quite a mouthful isn't it? The product essentially works as anti-aging cream applied on the surface to the skin to brighten and smoothened formation of wrinkles, fine lines and replacing them with brighter and glowing skin.


    Every cosmetic fanatic has heard about the German brand, NIVEA. The brand is globally successful for their range of skin care products, serums, and creams. A recent survey confirmed that NIVEA was the most searched skincare brand in the nations of Germany, Thailand, Belgium, Argentina, Netherlands, and Turkey. Their most in demand and successful product is the Q10 collection series of anti-aging creams designed to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin with the help of coenzyme Q10.


    The Japanese brand is highly successful in its home market as well foreign markets, ranking among the top five skin care products countries such as China, U.S, France, U.K, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico and more. Their most successful product is their signature sunscreen which is clinically proven to be quite capable.

    L'Oreal Paris

    L'Oreal Paris is a cosmetic giant which has primarily dominated the foreign markets of South Africa and Canada. There are distinguished for their anti-aging serum, specifically, age perfect cell renewal.


    Lancôme is quite famous and a particularly favored in its French home market. It has secured the top position for most preferred skin care brand in Sweden as well. The brand's double action eye makeup remover is famous for its smooth formula which provides a gentle sensation without leaving a layer of oil on the surface. It can erase waterproof makeup as well.


    The U.S based company is a particular favorite in the foreign markets of Nigeria and Mexico with their dry touch sunscreen being an ultimate favorite.


    The French cosmetic brand has a worldwide fan following and has a strong presence in the markets of nations such as Norway, China, Saudi, Poland, UK, South Africa, and UAE. The brand's most preferred product is its multi-active day cream which has proven to brighten skin with its antioxidant formula.



    A particular favorite in Indian markets, Pond's is globally known for its skin care series of products. And among which, its silk cream is the most successful and in-demand product. Applying the cream on the skin can smoothen skin depicting a silky like finish.


    The US-based company has made its line of skin care products a favorite in Switzerland. The brand's moisturizing creams have formed a large amount of fan following.


    The Italian skincare brand has become a favorite in its home market, naturally, with its moisturizing and cleansing serum having the most amount of preference.